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Create artifact with an email

Author michael_alexander
Full name Michael Alexander
Date 2016-11-02 13:16:58 PDT
Message I keep seeing this is possible, but my biggest hurdle right now is getting my email to the TeamForge server. In all the TeamForge documentation it simply says to send the email to the address <tracker id>@<TeamForge server>. But my SMTP server is not allowing us to send email to the server -

Your message couldn't be delivered. The Domain Name System (DNS) reported that the recipient's domain does not exist.
Contact the recipient by some other means (by phone, for example) and ask them to tell their email admin that it appears that their domain isn't properly registered at their domain registrar. Give them the error details shown below. It's likely that the recipient's email admin is the only one who can fix this problem

I have tried every email address defined in our configuration file for JAMES email address, but always get the same error. We get notifications FROM TeamForge so that SMTP side is working. Is there an answer, or instructions, on how to get this to happen?

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Create artifact with an email michael_alexander Michael Alexander 2016-11-02 13:16:58 PDT
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