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TeamForge Trackers List Width Issues

Author mgardner
Full name Mike Gardner
Date 2017-09-28 05:06:53 PDT
Message I'm using TeamForge 16.7.

We have a spreadsheet that we use to track our infrastructure technologies' current version, next update, responsible parties, etc. I'm reviewing changing this to a TeamForge tracker. In a review meeting, the Tracker List almost gets it done for us, but the width of the browser page becomes a constraining factor. Several obvious things jump out but I can't find how to address them:

  * I want to hide the navigation panel that houses the Trackers/Planning Folders/Teams. But I don't see how to do it.
  * The Priority field has no value in this tracker. But I can't remove it using the Columns tool.
  * The Status field has no value in this tracker. But again, I can't remove it from the Columns tool.

I've looked at the out-of-the-box Tracker report - it brings up other challenges in terms of choosing which fields to include and in what order they're displayed.

The Tracker List is where I'd like to handle this. Does anyone know of a way to address the above items that are wasting horizontal space in the browser?


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TeamForge Trackers List Width Issues mgardner Mike Gardner 2017-09-28 05:06:53 PDT
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