• openCollabNet Forum Nettiquette

    openCollabNet guests can view most forums but please register and log in to post or reply to messages. When you subscribe to a forum you can choose to receive messages by email, either message by message or a daily digest. Most forums allow you to post back via email.

    Forum Participation

    openCollabNet discussion groups are an environment where members, CollabNet employees and partners can ask and answer questions and share information about Subversion and CollabNet products. Discussion group topics will be publicly available worldwide (some discussion forums might be private).

    Productivity tips

    Use a clear subject line when you post a message. Does it give readers a good idea of what your message is about? By being specific you’ll attract the attention of the right people who can answer your question. * The first post of a thread should explain the intention of the discussion and give as much data as possible. The better information you provide, the more likely someone is to respond. * There are no dumb questions but forum participants are sometimes annoyed when others haven't made a good faith effort to do some research themselves before posting a question. * Stay on topic. Replies should be answers to the original question. Try not to create sub-conversations in a thread as it complicates reading. Have a new topic? Create a new thread please.

    Ground rules

    • Do not post messages that are non-constructive, inflammatory, or against the aims of the discussion group.
    • No offensive language or references , or personal attacks against others.
    • Please do not post duplicate or test messages.
    • Do not post the same message in more than one forum.
    • No unsolicited messages (including "spams").
    • CollabNet reserves the right to edit or remove any message on its sole discretion.

    CollabNet and designated moderators may review messages and reserve the right to filter messages for spam or inappropriateness, and may reorganize or even remove messages that don’t adhere to the foregoing rules, or may revoke your right to participate in the forums.


    openCollabNet discussion forums allow attachments (please keep them small, 5MB is the max). CollabNet monitors forum messages, but we do not scan file attachments for viruses or otherwise check or test the quality of these files. You download these files at your own risk.

    Additional Information

    All forum posts are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license with attribution "From a forum message posted on openCollabNet"